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SeaBattle: Tactical Game


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iOS 9 (minumum iPad2 or iPhone 4S 

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Turn based strategy, Board game


The well-known battleship game with a twist: instead one shot per turn you have multiple shots, but you don’t know the exact position of your hits on the board. Instead luck, this game is focusing on strategy: players needs to search for patterns on a 10×10 grid and locate all enemy units. This original gameplay with the carefully crafted design makes different from other battleship games. 

This game can be the next level for everybody who likes the classic battleship game, but in the same time is looking for a really clever and challenging alternative. 


Like in the classic battleship, the game is played on a 10×10 board and starts with arranging all units on the board. In each turn players can place a set of bombs on the enemy board. And here is the catch: the number of bombs depends on the health status of the fleet. In each turn after all bombs are placed, the result is marked inside the enemy units on a virtual board, without making visible the corresponding positions on the grid. Using the results, players need to search for patterns in the grid for the possible locations. With a decreasing shooting power, finding opponent becomes more and more challenging.

Classic battleship game with a twist

You don't know the exact position of the hits

Search for patterns to find all enemy units


Clever doodle game on a virtual notebook

Game modes for experienced users

Multiple games modes are available: Blind Mode (where you don’t know the exact hits in the units) and Vertical Mode (when you can place the units vertically).

Multiplayer mode to challenge your friends

You can play against your friends over Wifi or bluetooth. 

Hand-drawn design

Notebook like design, “paper and pencil” drawings.


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Most of us grew up on board games, generally reserved for a rainy day or a Saturday evening with the family. These types of games bring back a lot of fond memories of our youth and never seem to truly lose their appeal

The graphics are a whimsical take on school notebook scribbles white the sounds and music provide pleasant background noise


This version of Battleship takes the strategy to a new level


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